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Synergy 22000 - Accreditation Body Survey
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  BRC IFS ISO 22000 Synergy 22000 FSSC 22000
For which FSMS schemes are you certified?
For which FSMS schemes to you intend to get certified in the future?
Which FSMS schemes do the main retailers accept for their suppliers in your country?
For which reasons (if applicable) don’t you provide accreditation services against ISO 17021 / 22003 for the Synergy 22000 and/or FSSC 22000 FSMS schemes?
No CB applied for these schemes
We were waiting for definitive GFSI endorsement of these schemes
We are currently studying this opportunity
We disapprove ISO 17021 / 22003 accreditation for such schemes (because of the process character of the PRP standards)
We are waiting for an IAF common position on this issue
Other (please specify) :
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