Synergy standards
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Synergy - private standardisation best practices

Standardisation process
Addressing scheme owners’ and market’s needs
Involving experts representing all interested parties
Chaired by a neutral & independent project leader
Reaching consensus between experts & users community
Applying transparent, ISO compatible, participative & systematic procedures
Standards & schemes structure
Adding specific value to existing standards (e.g. ISO 9001, 22000)‏
Avoiding proliferation of redundant standards
Integrating under direct control of the scheme owner all necessary levels for complete, operable and implementable schemes, e.g. as applicable:
  • requirement standard
  • certification protocol
  • implementation tools
  • guidance & training material
  • auditor competence specification
  • auditing & reporting tools & forms
Complying with rigorous rules for structure & wording
Referring to specific & clarifying definitions
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