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Following experts contributed to the development of the PRP 22000 standard and Synergy 22000 certification scheme:
Name Country Organisation Representing
Amrein Daniel CH HES-SO / PME Durable Applied science university, Consulting
Bernard Gilles TH HopeHouse NGO - Philanthropy
Bigler Jean-Marc CH HES-SO Applied science university, CSR Expert
Bigouret Jean-Marc CH CodEthic SA EPFL Engineer – QMS – IT - Environment
Blanc Didier CH Synergy Standardisation
Boigné Bénédicte FR SCP 3 Vallées Consulting
Ducry Claire BR Fundação Getúlio Vargas Social and Responsible Investment - NGO
Havas Lazlo HU Debrecen University Universities
Khalfi Malik CH Breakfee Finance & investissement
L’Espérance Pierre CA Qualiso Consulting RSE
Le Lann Florence FR ViaSyst IT MS & Competence management solutions
Miauton Jean-Jacques CH Miauton Management Industry
Mrazek Yann UAE Cramer-Salamian Attorney at law
Normand Jonathan CH Codethic SA Audit & risk management
Pattaroni Luca CH EPFL EPFL Senior researche in Sociology of ethic
Perrottet Stéphane CH ProCert Certification bodies, Education
Pineda Mario MEX HACCP Registrar Certification bodies
Ricard Michel FR UIDD Bordeaux Universities
Sulzer Patrick CH Codethic SA Scheme owner
Turchany Guy HU UIDD Bordeaux Universities
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