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What is the difference between Synergy 22000 and classical ISO 22000 certification ?
The main difference is that Synergy PRP 22000 specifies the applicable PRPs for all food chain categories whereby ISO 22000 only specifies requirements on how to establish these PRPs.
Synergy 22000 certification scheme also clarifies such issues as:
definition of major and minor non-conformity
management of PRP conditional clauses
auditor competence assessment and personal certification
audit duration, frequency and minimal plan
repeat audits in specific cases
audit report and follow-up (managed via a centralized data base, where each certified client has access)
What are the advantages of Synergy 22000 for the certified company ?
Predefined and validated PRPs (efficiency and consistency gain in establishing and auditing)
Common culture with suppliers (scheme applicable for the entire food chain)
Scheme acceptance by retailers (addressing GFSI requirements)
Competence assessment and continuous training of the auditors
Standardised audit report with added value and links with useful knowledge bases and tools
Why chose Synergy PRP 22000 rather than PAS 220 as PRP standard ?
Synergy PRP 22000:
covers the entire food chain (ISO 22003 categories A to M)
allows a common culture along the supply chain
covers all PAS 220 requirements
is downloadable free of charge (in English and French) for any interested company
Is a Synergy 22000 certification more expensive than an ISO 22000 certification ?
Basically not, because the required audit time is the same (as defined by ISO TS 22003).
PRPs shall be established, implemented and audited for any ISO 22000 certification.
Therefore, auditing against ISO 22000 + Synergy PRP 22000 doesnt require any additional time.
In contrary, the fact that applicable PRPs are already predefined and validated for the corresponding food chain category could justify a (slight) audit time reduction.
The only additional cost is the 150 annual fee .
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