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GFSI full recognition for Synergy 22000 Scheme

GFSI has recognized the Synergy 22000 scheme, which is based on the internationally recognized standard ISO 22000 and the new ISO 22002-1 PRP standard, and integrates additional auditing protocol required to meet GFSI requirements.

This makes Synergy 22000 the worldwide first GFSI endorsed FSMS certification scheme based on ISO 22000 + ISO TS 22002-1 run under ISO 17021 accreditation.

The GFSI benchmarking process has been completed using internationally accepted food safety requirements, based on industry best practice and sound science, which are developed through a consensus building process by key stakeholders in the food supply chain. These requirements can be found in the GFSI Guidance Document Version 5, which is freely available for download on

Jrgen Matern, Chairman of the Global Food Safety Initiative Board of Directors and Vice President, Strategic Quality Management, Metro AG said The recognition of Synergy 22000 continues to demonstrate the success of the GFSI benchmarking process to provide additional options for suppliers around the world.

The Synergy 22000 scheme is now working with accreditation bodies to provide accreditation for certification bodies against the scope of ISO 17021 and ISO 22003. Unaccredited certificates will be issued against the Synergy 22000 scheme until full accreditation status has been achieved by the certification bodies.

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