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GFSI endorsed FSMS certification under ISO 17021 / 22003 accreditation
During the GFSI Board Meeting in October 2009, the decision was taken to accept schemes for benchmarking in the future that have either ISO 65 or ISO 17021 as their accreditation standards. Accordingly, the GFSI Guidance Document needed to be revised and an addendum developed to provide for this eventuality.

Synergy warmly welcomed this decision and immediately moved back to the initial aim of ISO 17021 / 22003 for accreditation of the Synergy 22000 certification scheme.
Synergy 22000 herewith opens a new area within GFSI endorsed FSMS schemes by allowing certification bodies accredited for management system certification to participate to the market share.
Synergy 22000 ISO 17021 / 22003 accreditation provided by ANAB
The US accreditation body ANAB (ANSI-ASQ National Accreditation Board) in parallel brought a very clear and strong support to the Synergy 22000 FSMS certification scheme by launching for the early 2010 an ISO/IEC 17021-based program accreditation process for the scheme.
Other worldwide major accreditation bodies are on the way to join ANAB.
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