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Hainan Yijing Environmental Protection Co., Ltd
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Hainan Yijing Environmental Protection Co., Ltd
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Hainan Yijing Environmental Protection Co., Ltd


  Website: www.yijinghi.cn

  Founded in 2007 (former Yangpu branch of Jiangsu Yijing Environmental Protection Co., Ltd) with a registered capital of 11.4 million RMB, Hainan Yijing Environmental Protection Co., Ltd is located in D5A Chemical Industry Zone, Yangpu Economic Development Area, covering an area of 36000 m2. Our company is engaged in the design, production, sale and service of water treatment chemicals, machinery and equipments. Our main products include chlorine-based water purifying agents (PAC, Polymerization aluminum sulfate, High purity poly aluminum, and iron-free aluminum sulfate), iron-based water purifying agents (ferrous sulfate, ferrous chloride, ferric chloride) and decolorants. Moreover, we also sell raw materials for chemical industry, such as hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid and caustic soda. The yearly output is 240 thousand tons of liquid products and 50 thousand tons of solid products. Our water purifying agent products occupy most of the market share in Hainan.

  Our products are manufactured and inspected completely in accordance with national and international quality requirements and standards. Meanwhile we retain an excellent team:

  1. An outstanding leadership group with expertise in advanced technology and international operation management;

  2. A powerful technique team with advanced design and development skills to provide a complete R&D project plan.

  Our sales group understands the market of China and is famous for the leading sales and services. As one of the National Key Enterprises in Environmental Protection Industry and National Top 100 Enterprises in Environmental Protection, our company is qualified for operating environmental protection facilities and import-export operations right with AAA bank credit rating. At present, the company is one of the hi-tech enterprises in Hainan. Adhering to its matured business operation experience in the design and development, Hainan Yijing Environmental Protection Co., Ltd is integrating advanced management skills and production technology to forge a leading example in water treatment chemicals and equipments in China, which will eventually create great value for our customers and build a milestone for the business development of China.

Contact us:

Add: No. One Plant D5A Chemical Industry Zone, Yangpu Economic Development Area, Hainan

Tel: 0898-28823630

Fax: 0898-28829498

Person in Charge: Mr. Zhang 13928835586

Person in Charge: Mr. Xin 13907561441

Person in charge: Mr. He 18689982570

Email: hainan@yijingep.com