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Guangzhou Yijing Water Treatment Chemical Co., Ltd
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Guangzhou Yijing Water Treatment Chemical Co., Ltd
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Profile of Guangzhou

  Guangzhou Yijing Water Treatment Chemical Co., Ltd (former Guangzhou Fanyu Hengda Chemical Plant) is founded in 1994 and located in Yushan No. 2 Industry Zone Dagang Town Fanyu District. It is a professional manufacturer of water treatment chemicals integrating the development, production, sale and service. We introduced investment of Jiangsu Yijing Environmental Protection Co., Ltd to reform our process and equipment in 2004, which raised the yearly output to 3 million tons and the storage capacity to 2500 tons. We have set up many production bases in Jiangsu, Hainan and Shandong, involving the water treatment project, equipment and reagent. After years of improvement, our water treatment reagent now covers three series and more than twenty products, including aluminum salts, ferric salts and organic polymers.

  As a long-term supplier of many water plants and sewage plants in Guangdong, our company is widely praised by our customers for our strict management, professional technology, complete inspection method, stable quality and excellent service. The yearly supply reaches 0.1 million tons.


Contact us:

  Contacts: Ms. Liu Yan (manager in administrative department)

  Mobile phone: 13928834346

  Tel: 86 020 34980001

  Fax: 86 020 84932806

  Add: No. 8 Gaosha Village, Dagang Town, Fanyu District, Guangzhou Guangdong China