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Yixing Pacific Clarifier Co., Ltd
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Yixing Pacific Clarifier Co., Ltd


Profile of Yixing Pacific Clarifier Co., Ltd

  Yixing Pacific Clarifier Co., Ltd is engaged in production of water treatment flocculant with reliable quality. Our products are mainly exported to international market.

  Product name: Polymeric ferric sulfate

  Application: for water treatment for printing and dyeing wastewater, civil sewage, water-supply system

  Performance: Polymeric ferric sulfate (PFS) is a dark red liquid with applications in decoloration, coagulation and effective reduction of COD. It can be used for treatment of waste water with a broad range of pH values and superior over other coagulants in terms of fewer doses, low cost and little residual coloration in treated waste water, as well as adjustable basicity.

  How to use: feeding before pumping, reacting for about 5 minutes.

Add: Gangbei Road, Wanshi Town, Yixing

Contacts: Mr. Liu

Email: ljp581010@yeah.net

Mobile phone: 13861535581

Tel: 0510-87841055